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Among some of the more common implementations at MAG are projects that involve Customer Churn Management, Rate, Fee and Price Optimization, Client Profitability Management, and Next Best Offer. We also solve for some of the more non-conventional problems of Claims Management, Intelligent Engagement, Product Forecasting, Credit Application Management, and a lot more.

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Customer Churn Management

Industry Problem:
Early signs of churn like balance reduction, missed transactions,​ and late payments are often very hard to foresee and detect. Relationship Managers (RMs) find themselves in a tough spot as they are unable to identify churn and decreased wallet share risks, often months after a client has already shifted loyalties to a competitor​. At MAG, we work closely with clients to understand all potential pain points and the best way to alleviate them.

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Rate, Fee, and Price Optimization

Industry Problem:
Prices are applied bluntly across broad segments and credit classes for each product by most financial services companies. This results in high prices and dissatisfaction for some clients and less-profitable pricing for others​. To find the optimum balance, MAG works with clients to understand and optimize pricing strategies based on a host of different internal and external parameters.

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Client Profitability Management

Industry Problem:
Many clients at financial services companies are unprofitable​ on account of substantial capital, regulatory, and servicing costs. In such cases, there is significant ebb and flow in profitability for clients over time​. Rapidly identifying and remediating risks for unprofitable clients is extremely challenging for finance professionals and can result in detrimental effects to the bottom line​. At MAG, we work with concerned teams to classify and mitigate potential risks by understanding key threats to the business.

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Next Best Offer

Industry Problem:
The processes employed by companies today to manage today’s highly divergent and fast-evolving needs are highly reactive, typically requiring clients to self-report emerging needs​. This results in RM’s frequently missing opportunities to out-manoeuvre competitors and provide services​ that are valuable and highly relevant. Our aim at MAG is to work with companies to transform their processes and make them proactive instead of reactive.

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Revenue Forecasting

Industry Problem:
Companies must deal with a host of variables that are not always in their control but can significantly impact the top and bottom lines of their business. The last two years have seen the pandemic ravage a wide range of businesses across sectors, with many having to shut down permanently. To build a business that is resilient, a company needs to be on top of any possible situation that may arise and move swiftly. At MAG, we provide companies with the tools to build and implement the right revenue strategies by leveraging as many datapoints as we can.

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Other Solutions

Apart from Data Consultation, MAG provides solutions across two other business critical verticals

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