Data Analytics

Rethink the way you tackle business challenges and reshape your competitive advantage with robust solutions that provide astonishing insights

Over 460 exabytes (1 exabyte = 1,048,576 terabytes) of data will be created each day globally by 2025 according to a projection in a World Economic Forum (WEF) report. With high volume data that is growing exponentially every day comes the ability to form a deeper understanding of the phenomena around us.

Companies are presented with unique opportunities to reimagine their business models, automate processes, and even deliver personalized experiences to their customers with the time and cost-efficient synthesis of such data using cutting-edge proprietary and open-source technologies in data analytics, machine learning and parallel computing.

Our team of data analysts and supporting functions have helped international brands uncover, build, and monetize data-driven business prospects. From data preparation, transformation, and integration to data science and interactive visualizations, we aid our clients in building and deploying data analytics solutions that deliver actionable intelligence at scale.

Machine Learning

Leverage your data and make precise predictions

At MAG, we develop and implement various products and solutions that enable your business to make accurate projections and forecasts by mining data and focusing on exploratory data analysis through unsupervised\ learning. Some of our implementations make use of neural networks to provide predictive analytics.

Among the many other approaches that are used across our projects, anomaly detection is used extensively to identify rare events such as in the case of bank fraud. Reinforcement learning, dimensionality reduction, feature learning along with supervised and semi supervised learning have been utilized extensively across a host of different implementations.

Natural Language Processing

Because contextual nuances matter

One of the bigger challenges faced by a lot of our customers today is a machine’s inability to process and analyse spoken languages. Natural language understanding that involves speech recognition and generation is a big part of what we do at MAG.

While symbolic and statistical NLP have been around for decades, our data analytics team today employs the very latest in neural NLP that can achieve state-of-the-art results in language modelling and parsing. A particularly good example of this is found in the healthcare sector where notes and text in electronic health records can be analysed using deep neural networks.

Computer Vision

Seamlessly emulating the human visual system

Computer vision deals with the theory behind artificial systems that can extract information from digital images and videos. It involves the acquisition, processing, and analysis of these media to extract high-dimensional data from the real world to produce symbolic or numeric data.

Several different techniques are employed at MAG including event detection, motion estimation, object recognition, indexing, scene reconstruction and more. Among the many applications and major deployments over the years, indexing databases of images, and visual surveillance to estimate unique footfalls at various large venues have seen a high rate of success.

Open Data and Monetization Strategy

Good data is all around us if you know where to look

Data that is openly shared by anyone for any purpose constitutes Open Data. It is characterized by easy accessibility, exploitability and editability. It is synonymous with open-source software in that it works towards achieving the same goals of bringing more power to the public for free to build a better society.

One of the most prominent applications of open data is found in the proliferation of open government data (OGD) that is created by institutions of the ruling government in various countries to improve policymaking and monitoring. This vast pool of data can be further enriched using various data processing techniques and packaged into useful products and services that create additional value for end-users.

Among other forms of Open Data are those made available by open content, open education, open access and open science apart from many others.


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