Who are we?

The people who enable
you to make smart data-driven
decisions for your organization

A company driven by an incurable itch to effect unprecendented business outcomes

With over a decade of experience in data consultation, insights, and integration, Maaloomatiia has become the go-to for over 80 firms who impute a very high degree of trust in the name to deliver data driven digital transformation. Our applications suite is more cost-effective and efficient when compared to the competition and delivers tangible results with an extremely high ROI. We provide a wide range of services to firms that include but is not limited to, management consultancy, data engineering, business intelligence, advanced analytics, enterprise application modernization, and managed operations.

One of our core strengths is our ability to build customized enterprise data solutions for our customers by dint of a deep understanding of regional markets across the globe interlaced with technological expertise that can support the value chain in any industry. A dedicated emerging technologies Centre of Excellence in the US, Lebanon and the UAE enables us to control and utilize new technologies for providing our customers with more enhanced business capabilities.

Alongside a vast services portfolio, our FinTech Centre offers various AI-driven products focusing on automated marketing and cash optimization, building upon legacy banking systems to deliver extraordinary value. This is achieved by creating new revenue streams, increasing operational efficiency via end-to-end automation, and ultimately providing customers with an enhanced user experience. Nuanced and studied technological interventions have made us the strategic partner of choice for customers and vendors globally looking to differentiate at the front and standardize at the core.


Our biggest engine of progress is a persistent drive to explore uncharted waters and effect the most efficient solutions to complex real-world issues plaguing corporations.


Our corporate ethos revolves around an unimpeachable code of ethics and morals, candour and respect for the organizations and people alongside whom we work.


We pride ourselves on finding unique and cost-effective solutions to real world problems by thinking outside the box and augmenting it with our subject matter expertise.

Collective Intelligence

Our various teams at all our locations come with a combined experience of over 100-man years, highlighting our depth of expertise in data analytics, engineering, and insights.

Our Vision

What is our vision?

Identifying new markets and growing our presence globally via strategic partnerships that allow us to transform into a global data management and advanced analytics consortium remains a long-term goal for us.

With a keen focus on the financial services industry, we aim to build upon our current expertise to prototype and promote our own AI products suite and become a market leader in the space.

Our Mission

What is our mission?

As a partner and co-innovator in the digital transformation of businesses, we want to facilitate the creation of new growth opportunities by identifying new markets and accelerating their foray into them. We are a champion of the optimized utilisation of natural resources, capital, and talent.

Our turnkey enterprise data solutions are purpose-built to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. We are consistently focused on being reliable and supportive partners to all our clients whenever and wherever needed.

How have we evolved over the years?


Maaloomatiia Arabian Gulf (MAG) began life in a quaint Lebanese town and consisted of 2 employees working with 1 client from a virtual office.


On the back of a string of successful business outcomes with 10+ marquee clients in the banking, education and telecom sectors, MAG moved base to the UAE, offering data management solutions to customers out of its Dubai office.


With an established practice in the UAE, MAG grew its presence across other countries in the Middle East serving clients across 4 primary sectors including transportation in addition to banking, education, and telecom.


MAG became a recognisable name in the data management space and moved into advanced analytics and BI by leveraging this expertise. Its products and services expanded across several verticals making MAG a more holistic solutions architect.


A milestone year for MAG, the company began developing its own suite of enterprise AI software by moving deeper into Machine Learning and related fields of inquiry.


With a long-term strategic view to supporting its expansion in the Gulf and the West, MAG expanded its operations in the East by setting up an office in India to pursue new opportunities and challenges across more territories.

Leaders that guide us

The leadership team

Maaloomatiia's management consists of experienced executives that head sales, marketing and delivery in the MENA region from offices in Dubai, Lebanon and India. With an average experience of over a decade in data consultancy, data engineering and data analytics, you're always in safe hands when you choose us.

Sami Khoueiri

Chief Executive Officer

Mario Haddad

Executive Director of Sales

Stefano El Khoury

Executive Director of Digital

Elias Elwerr

Executive Director of Portfolio Management

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