Data Consultation

Steadily improve your data management processes, one byte at a time

Data consultation, variously called systems consultation, entails analysing and documenting a company’s data management processes and educating customers on various aspects of data and modern technology. Prime among the benefits brought by our data consultants at MAG, are building a customer’s analytical skills and data competency and helping them find the right strategies to increase their productivity and competitive advantage.

Business Data Strategy

If you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail

If you have a business, you have data — but data by itself isn’t going to optimize and improve your business. To turn data into value, a good business data strategy is imperative. Data strategy refers to the tools, processes, and rules that define how to manage, analyse, and act upon business data. Good business data strategy helps you to make informed decisions based on your data in addition to keeping it safe and compliant.

At MAG, we help implement data strategies for businesses that help them manage and interpret all the data they are generating. We help them solve critical business challenges such as slow and inefficient business processes, issues with data integrity, privacy and quality, lack of clarity about current business needs and goals, lack of a deep understanding of the vital cogs of a business and the processes that make them tick, and the inefficient lateral movement of data between different parts of the business among other things.

Data Governance and Management

Preside over your data with an iron fist

Rather than thinking of data as a by-product of business operations, data management encourages all team members to think of data as a business asset. It encourages everyone in your organization to follow certain policies when working with data. The cornerstone of effective data management is data governance. It is responsible for establishing the processes and responsibilities that ensure the quality and security of the data used across an organization.

At MAG, we guide establishments on the right path to achieving good governance and management when it comes to data that can ultimately make or break a business.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Be it identification, ingestion, storage, or analysis, build the right structures with us

Enterprise data architecture consists of the tools and processes that allow you to work with and analyse data. These elements may include various kinds of on-premises and cloud-based hardware and software. A first step in defining your data architecture is determining what datasets exist among business units in the company. Data catalogues are useful for this purpose. You may need to review data sources with your team and the users who work with the data if you don’t have one.

At MAG, we help build solutions to analyse your data, store it in a single repository, such as a data warehouse or data lake and provide you with the capability to integrate or transform it to put it in a format that lends itself better to analysis.

We build data pipeline to ingest raw data from disparate sources and replicate it to a destination for storage and analysis. Documenting and implementing your data architecture is essential for a consistent, predictable data strategy. It also makes it easier to scale your data operations as your needs change.

Target Operating Model (TOM)

A quintessential element promoting business growth

The primary purpose of a TOM is to enable the application of a corporate strategy or vision to a business or operation. It is a high-level representation of how a company can be best organised to deliver and execute on the organisation’s strategy more efficiently and effectively.

At MAG, we provide firms with the tools to come to a common understanding of the business by allowing people to visualise the organisation from a variety of perspectives across the value chain as every significant element of business activity is represented. People, processes, and technology are key components underlining any TOM and are critical to ensure its success.


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