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The Maaloomatiia Group is a trendsetting organization facilitating data analytics, consultation, and engineering for customers in the MENA region, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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Where data takes primacy, and impels unprecedented outcomes for companies

With over a decade of experience in the digital transformation space, Maaloomatiia commands an unparalleled grip over the business challenges faced by companies across various sectors as well as the solutions to them.

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Industry Expertise

Concrete planning, pristine execution, and unmatched results for companies across 9 core sectors

Maaloomatiia’s clientele spans a multitude of industries demonstrating an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise brought to you by over 60 dedicated data consultants with 250+ man years of collective experience.


Enabling better decision-making with sophisticated analytics in key functional areas like Fraud, Compliance, Risk, NPA Monitoring and more, where time is of the essence.

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Working with customers to collect, analyze and extract relevant insights from multiple data sources to manage risk effectively and offer the most optimal general and life insurance contracts.

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Intelligent analytics that allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to assess large data generated by its users for drawing actionable insights like improving ARPU, customer loyalty and more.

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Public Sector

Working at scale with governments to assuage various pain points including fraud prevention, staff shortages, waste, and any IT-related risk that may present a threat to the people at large.

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Institutions of learning that want to collect and analyze data about learners and their environment including improving organizational resource allocation and administrative decision-making.

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Oil & Gas

Using advanced analytics to predict flaring at petrochemical facilities, minimizing downtime and refining equipment maintenance costs, enhancing asset management, and much more.

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Real-time data and analytics to large chains on inventory levels, consumer demand, supply chain movement, sales, and more enabling customers to make better procurement and marketing decisions.

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Working with both public and private transportation companies to predict passenger volumes, weather, malfunctions, end-to-end trip information and more in real-time.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Get a holistic view of all the data associated with procurement, processing and fulfilment of goods allowing you to streamline internal processes and gain valuable business efficiencies.

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Smart Cash Manager (SCM)

An Intelligent Banking Solution for ATM and Branch Replenishments

Maaloomatiia’s SCM is a powerful solution leveraging machine learning to find the optimum mix between “Cash Outs” and “Dead Cash”.

This allows banks to have just the right amount of money at a given location based on periodic trends and patterns that get more accurate over time.

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Our Offerings

solutions span 3 broad areas facilitating data-driven change. Data may be the new oil, but we are its best refiners.

Data Analytics

Maaloomatiia’s expert team of data analysts is equipped to sift through raw data, synthesize it, and draw valuable insights for customers to make educated decisions about mission-critical business activities.

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Data Engineering

Maaloomatiia’s team of highly skilled data engineers provide customers with the right tools and assistance to develop systems that can store and analyze sensitive and confidential data at scale.

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Data Consultation

A dedicated team of in-house consultants ensures that appropriate guidance is provided to customers by understanding their business and identifying areas of potential improvement.

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Global Reach

Spanning the & AI Ecosystem

Data is what we do, so it should come as no surprise that we have some numbers of our own.

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