Smart Cash Manager (SCM)

Forecast forex reserves long with the physical and digital flow of money with enterprise-grade ML

The SCM family of products consists of 3 separate solutions designed to help a bank’s treasury team effectively manage cash requirements across 3 verticals – physical cash via ATMs and branches, digital cash, and forex reserves with partner banks worldwide for international payments. 

An intuitive, user-friendly interface that monitors all aspects of the cash network in real-time

At the heart of the SCM lies a mix of powerful ML algorithms that can forecast cash requirements across different channels at a granular level. A laser-sharp prediction of replenishment amounts allows banks to avoid the dreaded dead cash scenario and divert monies towards more valuable business lines. This may include loan issuances or something as simple as earning interest on reserves maintained with the corresponding Central Bank.

We help you vastly improve customer service standards, while simultaneously helping you realize supernormal profits from your physical, digital and forex cash channels

Live Balance Tracking

See real-time cash levels across all ATMs and Branches across your network

Zero sudden cashouts

The SCM’s tack-sharp forecasts eliminate 99.3% of all sudden cash-outs across the network

Dead Cash Reduction

A powerful ML-based prediction system ensures dead cash is largely eliminated from the system

Accurate Daily Forecasts

ML-based learning models predict cash demand per ATM or Branch up to a week ahead

Cash Hub Integrations

Cash requests are built into the solution allowing branch managers to send and request money from a centralized cash hub

Multi-currency Support

The SCM provides full support for multi-currency ATMs and Branch networks

Global Scalable Network

The SCM is designed to work automatically with new ATMs and Branches along with those that have been merged

ATM/Branch Metadata

Get a performance summary of your network, enabling you to decide where to open or close new or existing ATMs and Branches

Integrate From Multiple Sources

Information can be fed into our solution from core banking, geospatial data, macroeconomic data and more

Physical Smart Cash Manager (PSCM)

The Physical Smart Cash Manager (PSCM) solves both issues of dead cash and cash outs with a simple-to-use interface, backed by a highly accurate ML-based forecasting engine. It is a fully automated platform to manage cash replenishments and monitoring across the network.

Digital Smart Cash Manager (DSCM)

The Digital Smart Cash Manager (DSCM) allows you to forecast digital cash needs across all customers based on principle current account balance. It enables you to reduce cash reserves while still meeting regulatory requirements and earn interest by landing out the freed-up money.

Currency Smart Cash Manager (CSCM)

The Currency Smart Cash Manager (CSCM) lets you predict forex reserves and maintain optimum cash levels with partner banks worldwide to help in global money transfer for your customers. Our offering also helps you hedge and secure favourable exchange rates, widening your profit on every transaction.

Discover the Capabilities of Our Smart Cash Manager

By studying historical patterns, all 3 solutions make predictions for cash needs up to a week ahead. This allows treasury to keep the required cash levels and safely allocate the excess to its loan portfolio. 

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It’s not just a replenishment application. PSCM is a fully automated application that predicts withdrawals and reduces dead cash across the network.

- COO for a large GCC Bank

PSCM is not just a monitoring tool, it is a platform we use to manage our entire cash operations rather than relying on legacy ATM monitoring system.

- Data Engineering Manager at Arab Bank

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