Transforming the education sector with Enterprise AI

Building sophisticated AI solutions for schools and universities to bolster administrative efficiency and student success

Technology has always played an important role in education, but its current use is more prevalent than ever thanks to the increased availability of smart devices and web-based curriculum. With the rise of AI in education, there are many ways it is being used to help students learn.

At MAG, we build intelligent solutions for schools and universities that provide a wide gamut of improvements in administration and registration efficiency, student engagement and success, student and instructor experience, facilities optimization, digital communication and more.

Enhancing Learning with AI

Developing class-leading education solutions

AI can be used as an educational tool that guides students towards their goals by providing personalised feedback on homework, quizzes etc., based on AI algorithms. It is a crucial driver for change in education and has innumerable benefits.

Every student can have equal access no matter their learning ability or disability. This makes a massive difference since not all children learn at the same pace or possess similar skill sets.

Learning 2.0

Restructuring administrative and learning systems

Implementing intelligent algorithms for learning institutions that drive student success

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Finding At-risk students

Industry Problem:
Students enrolled in learning institutions do so to understand and learn about various topics of enquiry to eventually strengthen their employment prospects. However, not every student can do so at the same pace. MAG develops solutions to help schools and universities understand which students are unable to keep up so they can be provided with additional assistance.

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Intelligent Course Advisor

Industry Problem:
This is a recommendation engine that finds the best electives for each student, focused on courses that are geared toward the students interests and increased grades.

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Practice Simulator

Industry Problem:
This is an ML-based exam preparation simulator that provides questions to students based on historical exam patterns​.

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Chatbots and Digital Assistants​

Industry Problem:
To facilitate the exchange of information campus-wide, a digital assistant in the form of a chatbot may be embedded on the website​.

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Classroom Utilization & Facilities Planning

Industry Problem:
Besides curriculum and teaching methods, AI technologies can optimize and streamline management processes for educational institutions. 

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Other Solutions

Apart from Data Consultation, MAG provides solutions across two other business critical verticals

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