Supply Chain and Logistics

Rebuilding Supply Chain and Logistical Pathways with Enterprise AI

Building sophisticated AI solutions for companies to augment their logistics and supply chain operations with data

A Gartner report predicts supply chain organizations to expect a doubling in the levels of machine automation in their processes in the next five years. Simultaneously, global spending on IIoT Platforms is expected to grow at a 40% CAGR from $1.67B in 2018 to $12.44B in 2024.

The top priority across industries in today’s connected digital world is maximizing productivity by reducing uncertainties. There are mounting expectations of speed and efficiencies between business partners and suppliers of all types that further underscore the need for the industry to leverage the prowess of the AI in supply chains and logistics. MAG brings you one step closer to this reality.

Developing World-class Supply Chains with AI

Creating more efficient delivery channels for companies by harnessing the power of data

At MAG, we build AI solutions that help deliver robust optimization capabilities required for, improved productivity, more accurate capacity planning, lower costs, and increased output, all while fostering better working conditions.

In the face of a pandemic like COVID-19, manufacturing companies can deal with uncertainties in the right way by establishing a good understanding of its impact on supply chains and we help them get there by providing them with the right tools, guidance and contingency plans.

Logistics and Supply Chain in the Age of AI

Reshaping the logistics and supply chain sector with intelligent analytics

Implementing intelligent algorithms for logistics and supply chain companies that drive customer success

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Linehaul Planning 

Industry Problem:
In the telecom space, always providing impeccable network reception to customers is a big challenge as it involves a lot of variables that are sometimes not withing a telco’s control. It can lead to an experience that is frustrating for customers even prompting them to move to a different provider.

Since the rollout of 5G, customer expectations have risen exponentially with users always expecting fast and reliable connectivity. This means telecom providers need to make significant efforts to ensure that user experience is not impeded in any way.  

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​Asset Positioning

Industry Problem:
A powerful asset positioning tool calculates the most optimal storage, repositioning, and maintenance strategy for empty assets​. Among the challenges faced by companies are high storage costs at demand locations, under-utilization of assets, lack of end-to-end business process visibility, and disconnected data in silos. At MAG, we build solutions that alleviate these issues in the most time and cost-effective way.

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Predictive Maintenance Planning

Industry Problem:
At MAG, we build proactive algorithms that designed specifically for efficient maintenance of transportation assets​. Among the problems faced by companies are unexpected breakdowns that disrupt operations and reduce service levels​, growing pressure to keep maintenance costs low​ and manual planning that is effort-intensive for large fleets and prone to errors​.

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Inventory Management

Industry Problem:
Companies generally struggle with excess raw material and inventory parts​, demand forecasts being non-granular (at the part level)​, poor On-Time-In-Full delivery levels​, disparate IT systems puts supply chain data into silos​, and the inability to view worldwide supply chains in near real time​. At MAG, we build system that solve these problems in the most affordable and time-efficient manner.

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Planning and Scheduling

Industry Problem:
Among the business problems facing companies are inaccurate demand forecasting, poor On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) performance, ​frequent change order causing schedule disruptions​, rigid Linear Programming solutions being difficult to maintain​, and multiple tools, disparate IT solutions leading to data silos​. At MAG, we build effective solutions that mitigate these issues providing companies with valuable insights that help them streamline their planning.

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Apart from Data Consultation, MAG provides solutions across two other business critical verticals

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