Informatica & Tableau Software boot camps can be delivered at your company’s site for a minimum of 4 up to 15 attendees. We can assist with setting up the training environment . On-Site classes can be customized in content and delivery.

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  • Informatica PowerCenter Level I Foundation Boot Camp
    4 days - Instructor Led (On Site or Virtual)

    The foundation class teaches the fundamentals of the Informatica PowerCenter platform through lecture and numerous hands-on lab exercises. Students will gain a clear understanding of the product and acquire a solid foundation needed to make them a successful PowerCenter developer.

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  • Informatica PowerCenter Level II Advanced Boot Camp
    3 days - Instructor Led (On Site or Virtual)

    Teaches advanced mapping techniques and performance tuning and provides a thorough review of session partitioning features found in PowerCenter. This course builds on the four-day Foundation boot camp course.

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  • Informatica PowerCenter Web Services using Java & XML
    2 days - Instructor Led (On Site or Virtual)

    Teaches how to create, maintain and access web services that operate over the web. The web services are a collection of operations that exist in the web service hub. The web services hub gives the ability to create and manage Informatica integration functionalities that are accessible from applications or web services users through standardized XML Messaging.

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  • Informatica Data Quality for Analysts
    2 days - Instructor Led (On Site or Virtual)

    IDQ Foundation Bootcamp is an elementary course that provides a high level overview of the Informatica Data Quality Analyst tool to the students and provides them with the sufficient knowledge of all Data Quality functionalities. Informatica Analyst is a thin web browser interface that enables the business user to interact with the Data Quality Management process. The business user will play an essential role in profiling and creating business rules for the developer to implement. The Analyst Tool also enables the user to create and maintain reference tables.

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  • Tableau Desktop Boot Camp - Level 1

    Learn core Desktop skills in this introductory class. You’ll gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards.

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  • Tableau Desktop Boot Camp - Level II

    Explore Tableau Desktop’s more technical features and dig deeper into your data. You’ll learn advanced uses for calculations and chart techniques that create innovative analysis and dashboards.

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