Data Security

Informatica Data Security helps organizations reduce the risk of data breach, support audits for compliance of industry and privacy regulations, prevent insider abuse, and protect sensitive and confidential data. Despite the investment of billions of dollars for information security and governance, organizations struggle to understand and protect their most valuable assets: confidential and sensitive data. Most have little confidence of its location, risk, and proliferation; moreover, they do not understand who is accessing the data, how it is protected and if there is suspicious use or access. Understanding sensitive data risk is key. Data risk analysis includes discovering, identifying, and classifying it, so data stewards can take tactical and strategic steps to ensure data is safe. Informatica provides the following products under the Data Security Family:

  • Test Data Management
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • Data Archiving
  • Secure@Source

Area of Focus

  • Installation and configuration
    • Provide a solution design document that shows the hardware and software architecture along with environment recommendations
    • Installation and configuration of Data Security products on any number of nodes and environments (dev, test, pre-prod, prod, etc.)
    • Provide full testing post-installation.
    • Prepared detailed documentation for all installation and configuration steps.
  • Implementation
    • Gather business requirements, set the scope, and get signoff on BRS and SRS documents.
    • Build test and deploy solutions using any of the Data Security tools:
      • Test Data Management:
        • Develop data and metadata profiles, data masking rules and policies, data subset entities, and data generation rules.
        • Run and validate data profiling, data masking, data subset, and data generation jobs.
      • Dynamic Data Masking:
        • Create and apply masking rules based on the users’ authentication levels.
      • Data Archiving:
        • Identify high growth areas in databases.
        • Set data retention policies.
        • Design Archiving entities.
        • Extract\Load data for archiving.
      • Secure@Source:
        • Automate the discovery of sensitive and private data
        • Apply discovery for sensitive data proliferation
        • Configure alerts when sensitive data is accessed
        • Create dashboards and reports
    • Solution handover and knowledge transfer



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