Data Quality

Data Quality opens the eyes of the organization on its data state in terms of uniqueness , completeness, redundancy, noisiness, standardness, nullability and all other quality aspects and builds quality rules based on the Profiling and Analysis exercises to Parse , Label , Cleanse , Normalize , Standardize and Consolidate the Data to enhance the data governance in the organization and make sure the business is processed with relevant and authoritative data.

Key service details

  • Installation and Configuration: Informatica Data Quality software set in place and accessing the organization’s systems data.
  • Analysis and Data Discovery: observe and classify the areas of concern in the data.
  • Cleansing: define data quality business rules and cleanse functions to maximize the value of data
  • Score Cards: display the key quality characteristics of your data and track improvements in the data’s quality over time.
  • Training: introduce and guide both Business and IT resources into the implemented MDM (Master Data Management) and give them practical work on the tools and techniques.


Area of Focus

  • Documentation: Provide the quality reports, and installation guides.
  • Data Quality Advanced Profiling and Discovery: Identify private and personal information within the data and metadata, and define cleanse and quality rules.
  • Baseline Set of Data Quality Processes: Provide the framework to effectively take the team project forward.
  • Batch / Real-Time Jobs Execution: Monitoring and Support.
  • Enhancement: Post-installation maintenance and next steps consultancy.



  • Reduce projects risk by gaining visibility into hidden data quality issues.
  • Increase the organization knowledge of Informatica Data Quality and the Informatica platform.
  • Engage business owners with early results, creating wider awareness and buy-in for the data quality strategy.



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