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Holistic Data Governance (Bank Audi)

Bank Audi S.A.L. is Lebanon‘s largest bank in terms of both customer deposits and total assets. Bank Audi currently operates 84 branches in Lebanon and a network of 470 ATMs. Its roots date back to 1830, when Hanna Audi inherited his father’s exchange business. Bank Audi SAL was granted the “Best Bank in Lebanon” award at the 2009 Euromoney Awards for Excellence Middle East ceremony.

In 2016, Bank Audi ranked on the Forbes Magazine Global 2000 list of largest public companies in the world. Largest shareholder of the company is the Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, acting as trustee for the holders of GDRs issued by the bank.

Business Objectives:

Bank Audi has embarked on a journey to understand better their customer need, appetite and pulse. That being said, two projects have been lunched to achieve this objective:

  • Data Governance framework: There are many different definitions of data governance, however most share the same principle beliefs that it is the practice of managing data as an asset, that it involves people, processes, policies, standards, organization and technology. It is a practice of both business and IT users.
  • Consolidate all customers’ transactions and interaction with the services in one single place for analysis and better decision making


Informatica and Maaloomatiia offered both solutions to help the bank achieve its objectives:

  • By using Informatica’s tools for data governance with the support of Maaloomatiia team, Bank Audi managed to profile customer data in their core banking, understand the quality challenges and solve them to reach a better customer 360 view.
  • Build a data warehouse solution that amalgamate the cleansed customers’ profiles along with their transactions and interactions with the existing bank services. In addition, the solution helped the bank to shape services to meet customer need and expectation.

Business Benefits:

  • facilitate Customer segmentation and Advance analytics
  • Improved marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Support targeted campaigns
  • improve the quality of customer data
  • Data Transparency
  • Improve Data Management Policies
Project Details

Bank Audi

20 Feb, 2015

Data Governance

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