INTELLIGENT PRODUCT ADVISOR your smart solution for the next best product


The Intelligent Product Advisor (IPA) is an AI driven recommendation engine that dramatically improves upon the generic, system of record CRM in use today. Leveraging from multiple data sources, the IPA provides powerful predictive insights to accurately target customers, reduce churn, sell more products, improve margins and increase profitability.

Being a predictive analytics driven platform, the IPA allows banks to discover and prioritize high value3 leads and then sell recommended products and offers to grow revenues per customer. At the same time, the IPA identifies customers at high risk of churning and uses machine learning algorithms to come up with the best retention strategy.

The IPA currently serves our banking clients, with a focus on loans and credit cards CRM. We plan to roll it out to other industries in the months to come.


Churn Probability Ratings

Concentrate at customers who are at highest risk of churn

Recommended Strategies

Tailor made solutions that have the greatest chance of retaining potential churners

Product Advisor

See which are the products a customer is likely to need / buy next

Revenue Forecasting

Get clarity on how much revenue you can expect per business line

Price Optimization

Understand the best price to sell a product / offer for to each customer

See under the hood

Our explainable AI models always show what factors led to the decisions made


Personalized customer interactions

Empowering RMs to fully anticipate the needs for every client and offering a highly personalized service

Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Powerful ML recommendation engines that substantially drive-up LTV by upselling and cross selling products to all customers

Identify & successfully retain churners

AI recommended retention strategies for every at-risk customer

increase operational efficiencies

Targeted offerings help relationship managers deal with more customers in the shortest amount of time and effort

Empowered CRM

IPA takes your CRM offerings to a completely new level, allowing you to earn revenue previously deemed unattainable

Customer 360

Total view of customers, their activities and transactions, and all their predicted future purchases in one place for your convenience