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MicroStrategy has achieved the highest product score in Enterprise Analytics and Embedded Analytics platform. Part of our integral strategy, Maaloomatiia has established a partnership in 2015 with MicroStrategy as we believe MicroStrategy is the best Enterprise BI platform that can offer as well self-service BI for departments. Over the 5 years, Maaloomatiia has build internally a solid experience in various MicroStrategy implementation for prestigious customers in the MENA such as Road & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai and Ooredoo operator in Oman. We have certified developers, and data architecture on MicroStrategy platform.

MicroStrategy platform provides all the capabilities organizations need to build and deploy analytics and mobility applications that transform and accelerate business. By putting answers in everyone’s hands, regardless of role, function, or skill level, MicroStrategy suite of products helps your organization become and Intelligent Enterprise:

Empower everyone with analytics: With intuitive, user-friendly tools for data discovery, data visualization, data wrangling, advanced big data analytics, and more, MicroStrategy gives every user, regardless of technical skill, the ability to find the answers they need—whether it’s via web, mobile, or desktop.

Mobilize your business: Extend existing applications to mobile devices and empower employees wherever they are, from the back office to the field. Leverage code-free development tools to build transaction-enabled analytics apps that transform how your employees work.

Let answers find you: For the first time, you don’t have to go looking for insights—they come to you. With HyperIntelligence®, zero-click insights are now available everywhere, all the time, for everyone. Transform your business with a new approach to analytics.

Unlock the potential of identity Intelligence: Deploy digital credentials to manage, protect, and optimize enterprise assets, resources, and devices. Digital identity allows you to tap into the full power of MicroStrategy analytics to deliver personalized and context-based experiences that will transform your business.

Get value fast by deploying on the cloud: Spin up your analytics environment in a matter of minutes with MicroStrategy on AWS or Azure. Tap into maximum flexibility and speed by deploying MicroStrategy analytics on the world’s leading cloud infrastructure that offers hosting in locations all over the globe.