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Informatica is the world’s leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. Informatica is one of the few data-oriented organization who recognized a generational market disruption in data in underway. We are entering the Data 3.0 generation, where data powers digital transformation, and Informatica is prepared to help you intelligently to lead in your sector.

Informatica is a Gartner leader in 6 different data categories:

Maaloomatiia become partner with Informatica in 2010, we’ve been considered as one of the early partners who promoted Informatica products: Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, and Data Security in the EMEA region.

Our relationship with Informatica is way back to the 1997, Infocrest Solutions our sister company in the US was a trusted Informatica partners in delivering professional services, implementing solutions and providing trainings in all informatica product portfolio for many of the top fortune 500 companies in northern America.

Maaloomatiia has 10+ years of experience in implementing solutions that solve business problems in organizations from various industries. Move to cloud and start establishing a hybrid integration between on-premise and cloud data:

  • Accelerate business insights
  • Integrate cloud and on-premise applications
  • Manage hybrid data complexity
  • Deliver fast cloud innovation
  • Enable Data Governance & Compliance
  • Govern all data types across the enterprise
  • Manage GDPR data risks for compliance
  • Provide quality data for customer initiatives
  • Protect customer data
  • Verify customer contact data
  • Provide Analytics Insights
  • Accelerate business insight delivery
  • Make better business decisions
  • Drive insights and accelerate your response, with streaming data
  • Simplify analytics architecture
  • Enable discovery of and access to all data across the enterprise
  • Drive 360 engagement
  • Leverage the best available information from a 360 view of business-critical data
  • Engage customers with Relevant, personalized, timely information
  • Create a unique omnichannel customer experience
  • Simplify customer & supplier onboarding

Today trusted data is considered as an essential element of the digital transformation in any organization, no data management products are considered better than informatica products in helping organizations to start treating data as a valuable asset through accessing, integrating and establishing a trust layer of data that is used by business users for better decision making.