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Dell Boomi

DELL Boomi

One of the leading Enterprise Integration Platform for 6 consecutive years as per Gartner.

DELL Boomi is one of the pioneers in enterprise iPaaS, Boomi has a deep understanding of the market’s key needs. Boomi has a solid presence in all continent for 10,000+ customers.

Maaloomatiia in 2019 has established a partnership with DELL Boomi after years of a successful partnership with the mother company DELL Technologies in variety of data related projects (Master Data Management, Big Data, and Analytics).

The Unified Cloud Native Platform offers a full hybrid-based integration:

Break down data silos by integrating on-premise and cloud application, data sources and devices across your distributed environment

Build, enrich, and synchronize trusted data across your company with the 1st Cloud based Master Data Management

Effectively integrate with all of your data vendors, suppliers, distributors through a B2B/EDI Management. This platform track and manage integrations and communications across the partner ecosystem

Support the full lifecycle of APIs in a hybrid environment. Configure APIs and expose real-time integrations effortlessly.