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To succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving ecosystem, companies (no matter what their industry or size) must use data to continuously develop more innovative operations, processes, and products. This means embracing the shift to Enterprise AI, using the power of machine learning to enhance – not replace – humans.

Dataiku is the centralized data platform that moves businesses along their data journey from analytics at scale to Enterprise AI, powering self-service analytics while also ensuring the operationalization of machine learning models in production.

Lately in 2020 and part of the direction set by our vision 3.0, we are determined to continue the expansion in providing the best compatible Analytics solution that can put customers faster on a digital transformation by building in shorter period of time some Machine Learning use cases on one end to end data platform. As per Gartner and our research, Dataiku is one of the few affordable data platforms that can offers you in one console data cataloging, data preparation, modeling, maintaining production, and visualization.

Some of the proven advantages behind the Dataiku platform:

  • Seamless connectivity to any data, no matter where it’s stored or in what format.
  • Faster data cleaning, wrangling, mining, and visualization

The latest in machine learning technology (including AutoML and deep learning) all in one place and ready to be operationalized with automation environments, scenarios, and advanced monitoring.

Every step in the data-to-insights process can be done in code or with a visual interface

Enterprise-level security with fine-grained access rights