• Data Security

    Informatica Data Security helps organizations reduce the risk of data breach, support audits for compliance of industry and privacy regulations, prevent insider abuse, and protect sensitive and confidential data. Despite the investment of billions of dollars for information security and governance, organizations struggle to understand and protect their most valuable assets: confidential and sensitive data. Most have little confidence of its location, risk, and proliferation; moreover, they do not understand who is accessing the data, how it is protected and if there is suspicious use or access. Understanding sensitive data risk is key. Data risk analysis includes discovering, identifying,...

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  • Data Quality

    Data Quality opens the eyes of the organization on its data state in terms of uniqueness , completeness, redundancy, noisiness, standardness, nullability and all other quality aspects and builds quality rules based on the Profiling and Analysis exercises to Parse , Label , Cleanse , Normalize , Standardize and Consolidate the Data to enhance the data governance in the organization and make sure the business is processed with relevant and authoritative data.

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  • Master Data Management

    Master Data Management leads the organization towards the best version of truth of any data domain.
    When the sources of information exist in multiple silos in an enterprise, master data management gathers all these data sources, consolidates them based on source systems trust rules and creates the “Golden Record” in one unique central repository holding the referential trustworthy non-redundant source of data.

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