Maaloomatiia servers it’s corporate and retail banking clients with a wide suite of analytics solutions with the explicit goal of improving margins and driving customer satisfaction. We deploy advanced analytics applications in marketing, treasury management and financial advisory.

Reference Architecture

We use a highly scalable architecture to accelerate delivery and eliminate many of the complexities involved in developing enterprise AI and ML applications. Our approach, explained below, comes with several benefits.


Our turnaround time per use case is 1-2 quarters, allowing for quick wins and real gains


Realize tremendous value by eliminating inefficiencies and improving margins


Explainable AI models with high accuracy metrics allow you to confidently take critical business decisions

Customer segmentation and LTV projections
Targeted upsell and cross selling predictions
Intelligent cash management solutions
Optimized treasury solutions

Discover who your most valuable long-term customers are and go all out to retain / expand their business

Our IPA products accurately predict what a customer shall need and is most likely to buy

Our SCM family takes care of your entire cash management solutions, generating substantial savings and improving operational efficiencies

Machine learning models to help you meet regulatory standards while still freeing up money for lending

Automated liquidity management
Anti-money laundering
Automated lending and credit approvals solutions
Portfolio optimization and robo-advisory

We use machine learning and stochastic analysis to identify global optimum liquidity positions in real time, helping your liquidity management process with payments, settlements and regulatory concerns.

Our solutions correctly identify and prioritize suspicious and fraudulent activity, thereby reducing losses and regulatory exposure

Greater clarity into a borrower’s true risk profile helping you accurately assess risk while fast tracking approvals

Low fee AI models for investment and portfolio allocation strategies for all risk levels