Advanced Analytics Professional Services


Maaloomatiia’s advanced analytics practice creates custom built AI and ML solutions to solve urgent business problems for our clients across a wide range of industries. Working closely with our data management team, our data scientists extract value from your data regardless of where and how it is located. Every solution is specifically customized on our clients’ business objectives with the north star being substantial improvements in the bottom line.

We have a world class R&D center focused on developing solutions with the latest cutting-edge deep learning and machine learning frameworks. In some cases, we even bring our own proprietary datasets to augment your internal data and transform your business. In an uncertain and rapidly changing business world, we ensure our clients stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

Our Approach

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We have a large BFSI practice that develops custom built AI solutions to address urgent issues based primarily on the below themes.


Our insurance analytics offerings include all aspects of customer 360 marketing as well as use cases that seek to substantially improve operational efficiencies.


We have worked with some of the biggest telecom providers in the region and offer several analytical services as listed here.

  • Customer segmentation and LTV projections
  • Targeted upsell and cross selling predictions
  • Intelligent cash management solutions (see SCM )
  • Optimized treasury solutions
  • Automated liquidity management
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Automated lending and credit approvals solutions
  • Portfolio optimization and robo-advisory
  • Digital customer experience
  • Premiums modeling
  • Churn prediction and prevention modeling
  • Revenue projection analytics
  • Agent analytics
  • Fraudulent claims detection
  • Price optimization
  • Customer segmentation and LTV prediction
  • Automated claims processing
  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Customer churn prediction and personalized prevention strategies
  • Upsell and cross selling of products and services
  • Pricing, promotion and retention modeling
  • Network performance and optimization
  • Network predictive maintenance
  • Geospatial analytics and location optimization
  • Network outage prediction and prevention
  • Tower failure prediction

Industries and Use Cases

4.Transportation & Smart Cities

Our advanced analytics offerings for transportation companies and smart cities help clients on several fronts:

  • Fleet management and tracking
  • Vehicle predictive maintenance
  • Product inventory management
  • Warehouse and delivery logistics optimization
  • Route Optimization
  • Smart Parking
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • IoT sensor predictive maintenance
5.Higher Education

We partner with some of the leading universities in the MENA region and were amongst the first to champion the use of machine learning in enhancing student experience and improving academic outcomes.

  • Student at risk prediction
  • Elective recommendation engine
  • Student pass probability prediction
  • Intelligent examinations and automated grading
  • Faculty workload optimization
  • Intelligent timetables and room utilization
  • IoT and smart campus